Viral Videos benefits and why most news are in viral videos format?

There are countless benefits of reading and or watching viral videos online. Before our technological social environment emerged, we were told by the elder from what they have experienced and heard from their elders back in time.

Instead of Videos the stories were probably traditionally told for family, friends and to drag attention to one self. The other side of videos came in a form of weird news stories and that could come from a local newspaper or a larger newspaper within one society to keep people attention and generate sells. Videos as mentioned before was written and could be told from a constabulary in his experiences on the street, from people his arrest or interact with. These stories would without a doubt be told from mouth to mouth, from one constabulary to another. From this source be told further to whatever precinct. A person with the stories would sell their weird news stories to the newspapers for the newspapers to spread locally or domestically maybe even internationally. Who did not have ability to purchase or have access to newspapers would probably hear weird news stories from a friend, street or the local pub.

Today, majority of the urban population spends maximum time on the internet. The online viral videos are basically the best for the urban population to get entertained. These viral videos can have several categories in which one can chose what would be the most interesting and easily accessible and can be watched online. Some internet pages provide a great deal of weird news stories. The question is if the news stories really are accurate or just made up to create attention to one specific page in order to generate traffic to the page. If this is the case, the news stories are created to fool people to believe that the stories are real and have happened. Some of them could be authentic but not weird enough for the public to find it interesting. Therefore you can expect to see some added some extra ingredients to make them more fascinating.

On the other hand much authentic news is gathered for people to watch and share. The many categories could stretch from funny animals to commercials, ads in a newspaper or a news anchor revealing weird news stories. The viral videos could be old way back before our advanced technology, but then they can arise once more maybe with more evidence regarding its authenticity and can create a huge buzz. If one is captivated by these viral videos it is possible to subscribe for more weird news stories. Then you can be the first to read whatever weird news stories arise before everyone else. Of course many people tend to do the same subscribing; otherwise it would not be profitable for the people whom make weird news stories.

When you want to watch viral videos or read weird news stories, and if you do not want to be fooled, check the internet for the most authentic weird news stories, who is most reliable and which webpage has the weird news stories. If you feel fooled, so what, hopefully it made you laugh.